IPatia is a cloud-hosted web platform, which allows you to efficiently manage deadlines, tasks and information related to your organization's industrial property portfolio.

Online solution for file management

IPatia: Agile, intuitive and easy to use

We have developed IPatia based on experience and reflection on what tools are essential for industrial property managers, such as patent agents, technology transfer offices or innovative companies. Thanks to this experience, IPatia manages to simplify and automate as much as possible all the tasks of creation and surveillance of the files, so that most of the logic is in the software and not in the user. Simple, isn’t it?


User-friendly interface

IPatia has a design that allows you to use its full potential without complications or barriers. Simply sign up and start working at full capacity.


Manage all your information

IPatia gives you access to all the information about your files, due dates, official actions and tasks, shared with other users of your organization.


Online & Cloud

IPatia 100% web-based and all the information is stored in the cloud. You will only need a device connected to the internet.

Deadline management

It is the most important thing about IPatia. You will be able to control all the deadlines of your files, ordered by date, responsible, family, patent or client. This way, you will be able to easily identify any to-dos, assign them a priority or assign them to a member of your team.

Create files and tasks easily

IPatia simplifies the task of creating dossiers to just three steps. This also simplifies the process of registering a patent. In addition, the rest of the information (priority date, family, country) will be generated automatically, since its logic includes all the Spanish, European and international processing

Cloud security

IPatia allows you to store all the information of your patent portfolio in the cloud, securely and without the need to install any software on your computer. In addition, thanks to IPatia’s document manager, you will be able to associate new documents to any stage of processing of your files, as well as modify or delete them when necessary. No complications, just connect and start working.

Many more features

In addition to the above functionalities, IPatia has many more features that will make your day to day life easier. The application is currently under development. If you want to participate in its development and perform a pilot test, please fill out our form.


Always updated

IPatia is in constant development, in order to adapt to any regulatory change in OEPM, EPO or PCT.



IPatia is multi-user. Easily distribute tasks among all the members of your team.

Global search

Use the search tool to locate files, contacts or tasks in your portfolio.


Pre-designed actions

Each new file will generate preconfigured tasks automatically, speeding up your work.

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If you want to get more information about our platform and how it can benefit your organization, our team will be happy to get in touch with you to provide you with the information you need.

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